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Step 1:  Downloading the audio files

To download the audio files to your computer do the following:

  Right-click the file
  Option-click the file

Once downloaded you'll be able to play them, put them on your iPod (or other MP3 audio device) or burn a CD so you can play them in a CD player.

If you choose to download all the files via the .zip file you'll need to "unzip" that file. Try double-clicking the .zip file and see if your computer is already equipped to unzip it. If it is, you'll see a folder containing all the .mp3 audio files.

If nothing happens, here's more help...

 Try one of these links for FREE programs which will unzip .zip files:
          - PC World Magazine's list of unzipping utilities
          - Stuffit Expander
          - FreeZip
          - VersionTracker.com's list of unzipping utilities

Mac Users
     If you're running OS X you'll be able to unzip the files simply by double-clicking.


Step 2:  Playing or burning a CD of the audio files

Ok, so you've got the files on your computer. Now what?

Playing the files
Most Windows and Mac based computers contain programs to play .mp3 files. If not, there are many free players available online. Apple's iTunes program is free for both platforms and is available to download here: http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/

Burning a CD of the files

If you wish to burn a CD it's pretty easy once you know what to do.

Windows XP users
Once you've downloaded the .zip file and have unzipped it, you've got a folder containing the audio files. Now it's time to burn them to a CD you'll be able to play in any CD player.

1)  Open the folder
2)  Go up to "File" and choose "Select All" (or Ctrl+A)
3)  On the left side choose "Copy to audio CD"
4)  Windows Media Player will now open
5)  Under where it says "Items on Device" choose "Audio CD" from pulldown menu
6)  Insert a blank CD
7)  Click the "Copy" button located in upper right corner of window
8)  Windows Media Player will now convert the .mp3 files and burn your CD. It's that simple.

There are many ways of burning an audio CD. The above is the easiest.

Burning an audio CD in older versions of Windows such as Windows 98, Windows 2000, etc. as well as the newer Windows Vista operating system should be similar.

Windows Vista users
Click here to learn how to burn an audio CD.

Mac users
The easiest way to burn an audio CD is using Apple's free iTunes software which comes with your Mac.

iTunes is also available for Windows users so we'll run through the instructions for both Mac and Windows users using iTunes below.

Using iTunes (Windows and Mac users)
If you have an Apple iPod you're very familiar with Apple's free iTunes software.
Mac users have iTunes on their computers by default. Windows users can download it here.

The following instructions are to be followed once you have the .zip file unzipped.

1)  Open iTunes
2)  Drag the folder to the left side under "Playlists"
3)  Click on the name of the playlist that now appears under "Playlists"
4)  Click the "Burn Disc" button in lower right corner of window
5)  Insert a blank CD
6)  iTunes will now convert the .mp3 files and burn your CD.


In case you've missed it, download the audio files here.

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