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For your listening pleasure we have provided Mr. Shumway's music as MP3 downloads. We have also provided his arrangements in PDF format so you can play them as well.

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Collection of Folk Songs

Taylor Songs - Folk songs from Taylor, Arizona
Collected by Lenn Shumway (1957)

     Taylor Songs PDF

While attending BYU I saw a Collection of Folk Songs from Enterprise, a small town in southern Utah. I was raised in Taylor, Ariozna singing the songs learned from relatives and fellow Taylor citizens and desired to preserve them.

As I finished my other classes to complete my Master’s degree, I desired to collect folk songs from old-timers like fiddler, Bert Allen; Kenner, Thalia and Leone Kartchner; Irv, James, Renz and Nell Jennings and my Shumway brothers. Many of these folk songs are still family favorites.


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